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Aussies expect to cop the price of Carbon Tax!

According to our poll below, the public agrees we will be the one’s paying for the Carbon Tax.

Us, the Consumers.

Taxed industries will inevitably pass the cost onto you, the consumer. Energy is used in just about everything, so we will see a rise in prices in just about all goods and services. Expect escalating electricity bills, food and transport prices. Certain goods rely on the carbon pollution for their production, which will cause prices to rise. For example, the Independent Price and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) of NSW predicts the average electricity price should increase 16 per cent across the state. That could mean an extra $338 per year for households and $439 for small business owners. Consumers in country areas could face even bigger increases.

The Herald Sun says: “Qantas and Virgin announced travellers would pay an extra average of $6-$7 for each domestic return flight under the tax. And the Food and Grocery Council warned bills could rise by three times the government estimate. This would mean groceries increase by $120 a year, or $2 a week, rather than the official $40 prediction.”

You, the Employee.

Consumers will not only be affected. The Carbon Tax is expected to hurt Australia’s employment. The extra burden of the Carbon Tax will also cause businesses to cut back on staff. Australian industries and jobs will be forced to go oversees to outsource cheaper manufacturing. Australia will loose industries and export markets to the many countries not burdened with the Carbon Tax, such as China, India and USA. This is particularly worrisome as Australia heavily relies on it’s coal for energy, compared to say, France, which uses 56 nuclear plants to generate 76% of electricity.