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So you’re probably thinking well it’s great to know about why the Carbon Tax is inefficient and useless but HOW can I do anything about it?

Well here are some ways you can get involved and start to make a difference!

No Carbon Tax is a fantastic organization that you can support and get behind by going to the rallies they host and signing a petition on their website. Their site is also great for finding our information regarding change in policies and what the Carbon Tax is actually all about!

Another option is to support the Galileo Movement which provides in depth insights on their website regarding key scientific data and studies into climate change. They also provide information regarding how you can make a change in your community by petitioning, voting and also supporting and donating to the Galileo Movement which seeks to give voices to scientists speaking about the climate change issue.

Stop Carbon Lies is another great organization you can get behind to rally and contact your local MP to have your voice heard. It is run by the Consumers and Taxpayers Association (CATA) and you can join them to get involved and start lobbying against the Carbon Tax.

Hope this helped you guys to get a bit of a start on getting involved with the cause! If you know of any other organizations who are great sources for either information or rallies or petitions, please feel free to comment below and let us know. We want to hear from you!