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Some companies have admitted to falsely claiming they are being affected by the carbon tax in a bid to jack up their prices and rip off consumers. ABC reported one such incident within a few weeks of the implementation of the carbon tax by the Gillard Government.

The false claim was made by a South Australian Refrigeration Company called Equipserve, which linked its price rises to the carbon tax when in fact this was not that case at all. Since then the refrigeration contractor has sent out a corrective notice to customers informing them of the false claims and agreeing to make any more false claims of the nature again.

This is just one of the few incidents that are occurring where companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to raise prices and attribute it to the carbon tax. What’s furthermore troubling is that consumers will not question the rise in prices as they just naturally assume it is due to the carbon tax when in fact they are being ripped off.

The ACCC, which oversees cases of false claims by companies, has dealt with a similar case with Brumby’s Bakery where the owner advised its franchises to increase the prices of its products and attribute the reason to the carbon tax. These incidents are concerning as they mean that businesses can easily prey on consumers. It really is just another con on the list of the carbon tax.