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Think you can’t make a difference to our government’s decisions? Think again! It’s that easy to take independent action. Petition your MP!


  • Why do Australians have to pay the world’s highest tax when we are only responsible for less than 1.5% of the world’s emissions?
  • Why do the Government and Greens insist only that big business will pay when their own advisor openly states that households will ultimately bear the full cost?
  • Why is Australia the only major commodity producer in the world that plans to have a carbon tax?
  • Why will Australia, a country with 22 million people, be asked to pay more than 14 times as much as the EU which has a population of 500 million?

Encouraging all Australians to partake in taking action against the Carbon Tax, Get Carbon Policy Right demands our government to address these impending questions.  Carbon Policy Right is an organisation concerned Australia’s welfare is being harmed by the Carbon Tax. Their website provides information and links to how you can take action. The following link offers information on how you can contact your local MP to petition against Carbon Tax and demand answers for the questions on every Australian’s mind.



NoCarbonTax.com.au also offers an easy-to-use database search engine for people to find their local MP. The database provides your MP’s contact details and a link of how you can contact them.


Here’s a few talking points No Carbon Tax has provided:

  •  Who you normally vote for
  • What you think of this Government’s policies and competence
  • Why you are angry/fearful
  • How the Carbon Tax will hurt you and your family
  • Why you think this Government is destroying Australia
  • Your voting intentions at the next Federal Election if your MP is from the Labor Party or the Greens
  • The certainty of their career, keeping in mind the election results in NSW.
  • Put Australia’s future before their own career.
  • Their resignation would almost certainly be rewarded by another term in office.
  • They would be considered a national ‘hero’ by Australians if their resignation led to a new election.

So get your community involved and petition against Carbon Tax.