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From now on, when you order an afterwork or pregame brewski, it’ll need to be served flat. And don’t even think about ordering a vodka-soda-lime. Try plain water and vodka instead. Mmm tasty? 

The stuff that makes your refreshments deliciously bubbly is CO2.  The CO2 that’s pumped into your beer and soft drinks comes from factories and breweries. The factories and breweries buy the CO2 from CO2 gas manufacturing companies. The same companies who will face paying the Carbon Tax for producing tonnes of the bubbly good stuff.

Even if Australia stopped emitting all carbon dioxide tomorrow and retreated to stone age living, the planet’s temperature will see no significant difference. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. All other things being equal, the more carbon dioxide in the air, the warmer the planet.  So yes, carbon dioxide is a contributor of global warming, but it’s so minor it’s not worth doing much about. Moreover, it’s especially not worth hurting the pockets of Australians and our economy.

Fact: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) makes up about 0.0385% of the Earth’s Atmosphere. CO2 is a tasteless, odourless, invisible and incombustible gas – all animals and humans humans exhale it. 97% of Earth’s annual production of Carbon Dioxide is almost entirely produced by Nature. Human industry and transport produces the remaining 3%.

Man made CO2 would represent just one person sitting at the MCG

Australian industry contributes only 1.5% of that remaining 3%; that’s a measly 0.0000173% of Atmospheric CO2.

Australian  man made CO2 emissions would represent just 20c out of $1 million.

Australian man made CO2 emissions would represent just 20c out of $1 million.

According to Professor Bob Carter, Adjunct Professor Research Fellow Marine Geophysical Laboratory James Cook University, cutting Australian emissions will make no measurable difference to global climate. Hypothetically, if the whole Australian industrial economy was to close down, only 0.02 degrees of warming might be prevented.

But here’s the issue: it’s not a question of if CO2 warms the planet, but how much.

Most scientists on both sides of the debate agree. It depends on how much of CO2 is needed to significantly impact the planet’s temperature. The idea that CO2 is the main cause of the recent global warming is based on a guess that was proved false by empirical evidence during the 1990s.