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It sounds simple and straightforward enough. A tax on carbon (CO2) – Why not, we pay tax on everything else. In theory a price on pollution will impact on major producers, but in reality how has carbon tax actually decreased the degradation of the environment? Who is really affected?

So you’re unsure what news to discard, what truths to believe…

The facts are that this new source of tax revenue targets all aspects of our everyday life. The poorest of individuals and households are affected. If the tax is to encourage that other means of power production will make for a sustainable future than why does it already challenge the current sustainability of our very existence?

An article on the Institute of Public Affairs website states, “It is not corporate Australia that pays the costs of the carbon tax… costs are passed on to the consumer or are reflected in lower levels of competitiveness of our industries and with this lower wages or fewer jobs. The costs of the carbon tax, if it proceeds, will inevitably fall squarely on ordinary Australians.”

The same article notes the view of Winston Churchill who said, “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle”

In other words, an introduced tax on our nation’s CO2 emissions would not only prove futile, but also to be a mockery of our hard-made gains over the past decade or so to reach our current standards of living!

Do we really risk everything on political hear-say? Despite Australia falling far below the placing as a Great Power nation that the Gillard government clearly assumes us to be, further they naively believe that Australia’s unilateral action will cause similar big power nations to follow suit. This hardly provides reassurance that the BIG people in charge have any knowledge or awareness of not only our nation’s stance in international affairs, but also their unintelligible ability to plummet our developed nation into receding productivity gains, damaged economy and diminishing living standards. And who does that really help…

Tax never helps anyone…