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On top of rising electricity bills, Australian residents will have to pay the increase in council rates. Councils have warned the only way they can cover the costs of Carbon Tax is by increasing rates.  

Councils have predicted ratepayers will have to pay the extra $200 million to cover the increase cost of waste removal. Local tips fall under the top 500 polluters and therefore will be subject to the $23-a-tonne carbon tax .The Landfill Owner’s Association said they will have to increase charges at landfills to cover the cost of pollution emitted by garbage.

Operators will be passing costs on to clients, including councils, leading to rate rises. For example, council rates across NSW will expect to increase by at least $14m as a direct result of the carbon tax.

To put this into perspective, councils of Hurstville, Kogarah and Rockdale will have to collect an additional $128,830, $85,768 and $155,714 respectively in rates alone due to the carbon tax.

The Warringah council will particuarly be hit hard by the hike in council rates. For the Warringah area, rates will increase by 3.6%, the maximum allowed by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) under the State Government rate cap.

Member for The Entrance Chris Spence said: “It’s not just energy bills that are going to rise because of the carbon tax, residents are also going to cop it in the hip pocket when their council rates notice arrives.”

Mayor Bob Graham said Wyong Shire Council is determined to make it clear to residents exactly what is driving the cost of their rates up: “Council intends to show on rates notices exactly how much money is going to the Federal Government for the carbon tax.”

It is good to see MP’s are supporting to take action against the Carbon Tax. Mr Spence says: “I call on the Federal Labor Government to scrap their carbon tax – it would be the best thing they could do for Wyong Shire Council and Gosford City Council.”

Member for Oatley, MP Mark Coure also jumps on the anti-Carbon Tax bandwagon: “I call on the Federal Government to scrap this carbon tax – It would be the best thing the Federal Government could do for the St. George community.”