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So for something different I thought I would post up a selection of youtube videos that are attack, critically evaluate and discuss Australia’s Carbon Tax that was implemented after the Clean Energy Act 2011 was passed in early October last year by the Federal Government.

1. Australian Business Alliance Anti-Carbon TV Advertisement:

www.getcarbonpolicyright.com.au (visit link)

This advertising campaign aired across TV networks and was heavily criticised by those who are pro climate change and carbon science. However, one of the reasons it copped such a negative reaction was because of the effectiveness of the clip in showing a wide range of Australians, in different environments/conditions, question Australia’s consideration and establishment ‘a price on carbon’. A very interesting point considering science is based on critical rigour and proving things right or wrong. This uncomplicated yet emotive clip though is very effective in making one question why we have established a tax, letting the science slide, but appealing to people on an economic level; which is compelling.

2.  Australia ‘Crazy’ to lead on Carbon Tax – Former PM John Howard On The ABC Insiders Program 

The discussion regarding the Carbon Tax/Emissions Trading Scheme/Carbon pricing starts at 4:55 and is interesting coming from a previous very successful Prime Minister of Australia who did seek to curb emissions without substantial financial government intervention (such as the removal of fluroscent globes and trying to meet Kyoto Protocol Targets despite not being signatories) but five years on recognises the current feelings about climate science in the developed world being debated with increasing criticism and how in the current ‘economic climate’ carbon pricing is not seen as advantageous to mid to long-term economic stability.

3. Carbon Price: Say Yes Vs. Carbon Con: How it works**

Carbon Price Say Yes:

A video aimed at explaining why a carbon tax has been established and what it seeks to achieve through intervening in the economy, our community and everyday lives.

Carbon Con: How it works

A video aimed at refuting many of the claims made in a particular pro-climate TV campaign to raise doubts over the credibility of the message in support of climate change, human induced climate and  interventions through financial regulation.

**Take a look at these two videos one after the other and decide which one is more compelling, the result might just surprise you; regardless of your faith or disbelief in the current carbon dioxide science debate that is ongoing.