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In true bon-bon form, the introduction of the Carbon Tax took us by surprise. Sure climate change has been a prominent feature of debate for the past decade or so, but action about it has been few and far between.

Enter the carbon tax. What exactly is it achieving or at least proposing too?

A change in social behaviour… [?]

The truth is that a tax on businesses and their carbon footprint will have little effect on climate change. Of the world’s CO2 emissions, Australia accounts for around 1.5% of the global carbon footprint. And how much of this is really big business alone?

Carbon tax charges business carbon emissions, but to what affect? Now you may believe that every little bit counts, but how will you feel when households are next? The truth is that the carbon tax on big businesses will pose little affect on carbon emissions as a whole. Unsatisfied, the tax will then extend to the individual and all households…yet where does that leave us but as a taxed nation with no actual result!

An SMH article following the carbon tax row, captures this notion of societal and lifestyle change at the core of the carbon tax debate. The article states, “Essentially, placing a price on carbon amounts to the government telling every member of society to change the way they live. Every action of every day comes under challenge – using lights, appliances, hot water, heating, cooling, all forms of transport, consumer goods, food, machinery, plastics. The message underpinning the rationale of a carbon price carries an implicit tone of admonition: you cannot keep living they way you’ve been living and you’ll have to change; if you don’t, you’ll be punished financially.”

Where’s the problem you’re thinking…

The thing about green alternative energy is that it sounds nice on paper but then so does world peace. The implementation of green energy source alternatives requires not only a change of heart, but of attitude, lifestyle and a forfeit of our nations indulged habits. And let’s face it…social change is not all that simple.

Perhaps as a nation we can endorse guilt-free thoughts but where will this amount to in the end. Take a different stance? Leave us a comment. We would love to hear your view!