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Good for Who..?

Who are the big players in the carbon tax versus climate change debate?

Why when Australia contributes less than 1.5% of the global emissions has Australia been burdened with the biggest taxation on carbon?

Facts for thought…

The European Union (EU) has had a price on carbon since 2002. During its first 6-and-a-half years, EU scheme generated $4.9 Billion in tax revenue. In the three years that Australia will answer to the taxation on CO2 emissions, the Government will collect $24.5 billion.

Even if Australia was to reach its goal of 5% reduction in carbon emissions, the global affect wold see the global carbon footprint reduced by 0.07%

With the world abandoning cutting-carbon emission schemes, Australia’s attempt to reduce our carbon footprint is more out of guilt than action.

The taxation on carbon is not the answer if it relies on global cooperation and collaboration to make a change.

We should be looking for alternatives rather than fighting old discarded battles. Is the Australian Government thus really looking for social change or simply pocket change?

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