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Battle of the Taxes

Are you confused by the carbon tax? We are.

Percentage figures on percentage figures that don’t make any sense!

The Oxford Dictionary defines tax as a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.

We however, define tax as an attempt to collect more money from the public.

Tax has always been a complex matter and ultimately this is to hide the real truth that behind every newly implemented taxation policy is the purpose for collection of money. Taxation policies thus survive simply because some are more sustainable, and some are not.

A tax on our CO2 emissions, we’re thinking it’s creeping more towards the latter.

Nobody likes paying tax because we live in a world where prosperity is measured in the very wealth we pay in tax. Regardless of the debate on climate change we can all fairly much agree that even with the best intention, the taxes our government imposes for the ‘good of the people’ never really do benefit the people.

In action, a tax on business carbon emissions alone is unsustainable and ineffective. We charge the businesses and they charge the people. With no other alternative that is affordable or nationally introduced there is little businesses and people can do.

Wouldn’t you prefer for a national scheme that seeks change rather than punishment for our current ways of living? We reach a stage of prosperity and gain through the only means that we are nationally provided, and now we have pay tax on these methods until they can find a new method?

They keep raising the cost of living so that we look to lower our standards of living. Yet alternatives are not readily supplied. People are forced thus to meet the costs associated with our living standards, to what end? A poorer nation?

The article, ‘Address to the Revolt Against the Carbon Tax,’ concludes, “More pertinently for Australia, a tax cannot have any effects on climate unless it is globally applied. There is no prospect of that happening and trying to implement it in this one small country alone will seriously damage our economy and living standards.”

What is your response to the carbon tax initiative? Feel betrayed by the government who announced that a tax on carbon would not be introduced? Or do you simply see a tax on CO2 emissions as a futile attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, and to hide the true objective of more revenue?

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